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We specialize in Orlando & Tampa Cash Advances for Merchants and Businesses looking for Alternative Forms of Funding. Merchant Financing for Florida (FL) applicants preferred.




Orlando Cash Advance
Merchant cash advance loans are similar to those used for consumers. These are not the same as bank loans, and a cash advance for a merchant usually has a much shorter repayment term. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs do not have sufficient collateral or good enough credit to secure traditional Orlando Business Loans. When this is the case, a cash advance is feasible. Merchant cash advance companies only require an agreement to surrender a specific amount of future credit-based sales. Business owners looking for an Orlando Cash Advance or a Tampa Cash Advance will find plenty of benefits associated with this type of financing.

Benefits Of Merchant Cash Advances
The first benefit is that the application process is easy. In comparison with a bank's lengthy and painful paperwork requirements, the process of obtaining a cash advance is favorable. There is no need to submit many tax documents or protected information. Lenders only need to know how long a business has been operating and the amount of the company's monthly credit-based returns.

Another benefit is that the approval rate for non-traditional Orlando Business Loans is high. As a rule, businesses that have been operating just a few months and have monthly returns over $5,000 will be approved. In addition to this, the approval process is fast. Approval is usually granted within one week from the date the application is submitted. Business owners in Florida have many expenses, so waiting for a loan is not always possible.

These special loans are also affordable. Lenders are paid based on how much revenue a business earns. If a business has a slow month, the lender will receive smaller payments. While traditional financing makes more sense for long-term purposes, these short-term alternative loans are perfect for business owners who need cash now and do not have sufficient credit or collateral to make a standard loan work. It is important for residents to work with a company offering the best Merchant Cash Advance Orlando has to offer.

  Merchant Cash Advance Process
  • Little or No Collateral Required
  • Minimum Paperwork Required
  • Average or Bad Credit OK
  • Approval Within 48 Hours
  • Credit History is NOT Important
  • Repayment Terms are Flexible
  • No Business Plan Required
  • Application is Easy and Fast
Why CashAdvanceOrlando?
CashAdvanceOrlando offers convenient online services. Whether Florida business owners are looking for an Orlando Cash Advance or a Tampa Cash Advance, this is the company to trust. Fees are discussed upfront, and the process is simple enough that it is easy to see why this company is the best option for a Merchant Cash Advance Orlando has to offer.
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